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Bushehr Electricity Distribution Company has been founded in 1992. It has over 510,000 customers by 2022. This company comprises 4 deputies including “Engineering and Planning”, “Sales & Customers”, “Operation & Dispatching” and “Finance”. Also, the independent offices and departments include “Legal”, “Public Relations”, “Security” and “Board of Directors”. BEDC commission is to provide electricity power sustainably for citizens based on this industry rules and regulations.

We constantly aim to reduce power loss, promoting productivity and services quality and the last not the least, reducing undistributed energy. Bushehr Electricity Distribution Company intends to fulfill the following goals as 2026 vision:

- Reducing power outage average of every customer to 80 minutes.

- Decreasing power loss to 8 percent in distribution division.

- Providing all services available online for citizens.




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